Groom-a-go-go    LLC
(586) 273-7805

Stress Free Small
Dog Grooming
Does your dog like to be the center of attention?  At Groom a go go he’s the only one!  No cages. No waiting.  No busy environments with multiple dogs barking and sniffing your baby.  I groom dogs out of my home in New Baltimore.  I’ll be glad to pick up and drop off your dog for folks on the go!  Make your appointment today 586-273-7805
  1. The Groom
    The Groom
    $40-$50 / Dog Wash $25-$30
  2. The Area
    The Area
    48001, 48047, 48048, 48051
  3.  Transportation
    Pick-Up & Drop-Off $5 each way